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Mayvin - A specialist Leadership and Organisational Development company

Mayvin /‘meIvIn/ def: [also Maven - Yiddish/Hebrew]: ‘trusted expert in a particular field’

In an age of complexity, businesses need more wisdom. We help you find your wisdom.

Wise Business

At Mayvin, we believe wisdom is a balance of innovation and experience, practical vision and courageous delivery. We will work with you to design activities that create the biggest impact with the least time and resources.

Our Network

Our experienced Consultants include leaders from a range of sectors. Thought leadership from our Advisory Board keeps us at the cutting edge. We work closely with a number of organisations, including leading business schools.

Pathway to your success

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Our pathway to your success is simple. You will see the benefits at all three stages of our work.

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Flying Lessons

James Traeger and Martin Saville take a light-hearted look at leadership through the lens of flying.

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What people say about us...

“Learner feedback has been excellent with easy application of key learning back in the workplace.”

— Warren Asbury, Learning Manager, Academies and Professional Development, International Financial Services Company

  • The world is full of customers, clients and opportunities.

  • Like a weather system, the world is not predictable.

  • In human systems, the heart matters as much as the head.

  • The physical body matters as much as the heart.

  • Knowledge is not absolute - people’s perspectives and contexts matter.

  • There are different types of knowledge - insights and feelings matter as much as clear-headed reasoning.

  • People’s stories about what is going on matter more than the ‘objective’ truth.

  • Relationships, connections and politics matter.

  • Repeating patterns matter.

  • Diversity is a business-critical issue, not just an ethical one.

  • The world is ever-changing, messy and not always as it seems, but it is possible to find moments of clarity when the way forward suddenly becomes clear.